Foundation Courses

These are courses for international students that are about to finish their high school, completed 13 years or less of the educational period and about taking their first degree in the united kingdom. Foundation course is a one-year preparatory course offered to international students to enable them to fulfil their needs of academic preparation and learning of the English language which are necessary for them to enter UK universities.

These courses are made especially for school leavers who studied non-British courses but want to come to the UK to further and complete their education. This course stands as a bridge between their current qualification and their entry requirement to UK universities for an undergraduate program. This course is designed to cover the academic gap, improve English and familiarise international students with UK culture and also prepare them for life ahead on the campus.


• It prepares students for the course they are to study in the undergraduate program like arts & design, engineering, business, computing, medicine, finance and management, social science, law, media, humanities, science and pharmacy.

• Some providers of foundation courses partner with universities in other for their students to get admission into those universities easily if the students achieve the needed grades. These courses are a campus base where the student benefits from the university status.

Course Requirements

For those international students interested in these foundation courses, the minimum requirements IELTS score is 4.5 with all elements above 4.0. For those students without English qualification, they are expected to attend English language colleges before they can take this foundation course.

Below are the Required Documents for Entry

• Transcripts from higher secondary school

• Certificate from higher secondary school

• Reference letter from a higher school teacher

• Scanned copy of passport and visa

• 4.5 IELTS minimum score

• And a personal statement

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Application for the foundation course

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