Masters Courses

Compared to elsewhere, you can complete your master's degree programs in UK universities within one year, unlike other places that take up to two years. What this implies is that the master's degree programs in UK universities are fast and you can quickly start up your career with the UK recognized postgraduate degree.

Why Choose UK Universities to Study

In the UK, there are lots of famous and recognized universities. Most UK universities are recognized globally due to their high teaching and research method. It is a great opportunity for international students to take up their post-graduate degree programs in UK universities because it will improve their English and immerse them in a multicultural and exciting community of academics and students.

When you study in the UK,

• Your career opportunity is improved

• You obtain a degree that is globally recognized

• You get an excellent career as a result of high valued degree obtained in UK universities

• Your study is shaped according to your schedule.

Kinds of Master Degree

Taught Program

There are four kinds of taught program and they include MSC ( master of science) MA ( master of arts, MBA ( master of business administration), MEng ( master of engineering). These four kinds of the taught programs take between 1 - 2 years to complete.

Research Master

As a research master student, you are expected to be highly responsible for your works and schedules. The whole study should be based on a thesis that will be supervised by an assigned academic supervisor. The Ph.D. program is a highly recognized program that takes up to three to four years to complete. It involves writing a thesis and presenting it in oral exams. There are other forms of research degree which resembles a Ph.D. degree but are not academically demanded like the Ph.D. They include MSC ( master of science), MPhil ( Master of philosophy), MREs ( master of research).

Cost of the Master Program

The cost of master and postgraduate degrees for international students in UK universities varies depending on your choice of school and the area you want to live in. UK postgraduate degree programs are not as expensive as that of the USA.

How to Apply

To apply for master's degree programs in UK universities, arrange your free consultant and you will get more knowledge about UK master degree programs.