Pre-Masters Courses

Pre-master courses are courses that are designed for international students who want to develop their seminars, improve their English, develop their research and writing skills in other to obtain taught master's degrees in the united kingdom. This course is prepared specially for international students who are aspiring for postgraduate degree programs to equip them for quality performance as supreme quality students.

The courses for this program range in length from 10 weeks to 1year providing a strong base for successful completion of the master's degree program. This course is designed to improve the English language of international students and their study skills.

For international students who wish to study master's degrees in UK universities, Edexcel services provides an enabling environment to achieve your ambition of completing your studies successfully.

When to take the Pre - Master

You can take a pre-master when you:

• Want to work on improving your English language and use of academic

• Want to improve your study, research and presentation skills

• When your present undergraduate degree is not up to the requirement for the master.

Pre - Master Entry Requirements

To qualify for this course, it is expected of you to pass your undergraduate degree from a recognised university. The minimum score required for common 2- semesters pre-master degree is 5.5 IELTS. But if you are not able to achieve the required score, you have the chance of taking IELTS preparation online or in London. Our experienced staffs will help you here in London or online to improve your current score in reading, speaking and listening by signing up for free IELTS test.

Application Enquires

International students who want to study a postgraduate degree in UK universities can arrange a free consultation with us immediately.