Edexcel services is one of the best consultancy services and educational advisory in the UK that has universal access to UK schooling networks and universities. We provide families across the globe guidelines that will help reach their potential. What makes us outstanding is the quality of consultancy services we offer and the integrity we have been maintaining since inception.

Our close relationship with school heads in the education industry and former school figures have enabled us to offer you the best advice on the right course and universities in the UK.

As long as education is concerned, the UK remains the destination for international students because of its reputation and rich history. Uk is known for low priced and high-quality education. Here in the UK, international students are welcome.

We are offering major services to facilitate you to study in UK.

Accommodation Services

We assure all students who gained admission through Edexcel services of comfortable and affordable accommodation. We know the role comfort plays in student's academic performance that is why we help students in getting proper accommodations. With us, you are sure of getting the best place to stay that will make you feel at us and we also ensure that the accommodation is close to the school.

Pre - Department Guideline

You will be provided with the guidance of what you should expert as you enrol in your chosen university before you leave your home country to travel abroad in other to achieve your dream. Through us, you will learn the university culture and also the basic rules and regulations of the UK and the school you enrolled in. We will ensure that you are acquitted with the necessary information needed before you resume as a student at your chosen university.

Scholarship Assistance

We are dedicated to helping the brightest students achieve scholarship by guiding them on the scholarship processes such as presentation of the application, how to face the interview and deadline of application. Many universities in the UK accepts different types of international and governmental scholarship and most of these scholarship applications are independent of the admission application. With us, you will be informed and be guided on how to go about getting the scholarship in your chosen areas of discipline and universities.

Student Visa Guideline

Thanks to our expert consultant who has comprehensive knowledge about the latest visa and immigration law. Our expert consultant has been of great help over the years guiding international students through the detailed processes of obtaining a student's visa. With us, you will be provided with a checklist of requirements that will be needed to get you a student visa. Getting a student visa has been made very easy because of the encompassing knowledge of our expert consultant. We help students secure a tier 4 student visa and we ensure that it is gotten in time.

University Admission & Application Guideline

At Edexcel services, we provide a proper guideline to students seeking admissions to our affiliate universities. We ensure that we give you extensive help through the admission processes with a maximum benefit. In our admission guidelines, everything you need to know about our services is covered in from selection to preparing a good application park for admission. Feel free to contact us for guidance regarding the necessities and applications of our affiliate universities.

UCAS Application Assistance

We are a registered University and college admission service (UCAS) centre that provides you with needed information and advice on how to submit error-free and quality UCAS application. UCAS is being accepted by almost all major universities this day so when you contact us, our consultant will help you make the right choice of university, prepare and submit your application and also help you track your UCAS